Dmitriy LiDmitriy Li

Real Estate Broker, Msc, MBA. Director of Business Development

514 781 4932

Dedicated real estate professional whose goal is to provide the top of the line service and guidance through complex real estate transactions and financing to his clients.

Ekatarina ErchovaEkatarina Erchova

Real Estate Broker

514 889 0037

Knowledgeable , with higher ethics and individual approach  that are the key to success she is always aiming to make an experience of her clients, foreign or domestic, an enjoyable one.

David TavadzeDavid Tavadze

Certified Real Estate Broker, DA , Owner

514 952 0012

Being passionate about architecture and design he has been engaged in construction and major overhaul of assorted unique  properties as well as the management of a residential complex with over 100 units.

Van Toan NguyenVan Toan Nguyen

Real Estate Broker

514 826 1651

With his expert business knowledge, personal investment experience and web marketing skills the benefit you receive is enormous whether you want to sell, buy or invest.

Yana SuleymanYana Suleyman

Client Relations Manager

514 910 5366

Brilliant communicator, she keeps customer service at the utmost quality and is ready to answer all your questions and assist you in every step of the way.

Natalya KimNatalya Kim

Office Manager

514 952 0012

A multilingual professional she is able to multitask effectively and apply her adaptability to establish productive working relationship that will provide the best results.

Kiev OchoaKiev Ochoa

Residential Real Estate Broker

514 895 20472

Energetic and friendly, with excellent interpersonal skills she has a vast experience in hospitality industry that helps her provide impeccable levels of service.